New Position

Time For Change Photo by Salvatore Vuono

Good news to report. I recently received a promotion at work. I am now the Emerging Technology Librarian. What does that mean? It means new duties, which I list below, but it also means I will no longer be selecting the audiovisual materials.

I never thought the day would come where I voluntarily give that up, but I’m also not the same person I was 3.75 years ago when I started at my current library. Maintaining AV has been great and I will miss it, but I’m excited for a change.

Here’s some of my new roles-

  • Website administrator
  • Oversee all technology instruction for staff and patrons
  • Keep informed of technology trends and advise administration on how best to move forward


Make It @ Your Library

Make it @ Your Library

Just discovered an extremely useful site filled with DIY projects and workshops for libraries to offer patrons. This website seems like a go-to reference for librarians looking to integrate maker culture into their library, but unsure about where to start. The site even enables searching by age group, category, cost, and time. Brilliant!

Learn how to make this DIY Bubble Machine.
Learn how to make this DIY Bubble Machine.

Let Your Car Safely Text For You

Nissan’s latest Altima model includes a feature that automatically texts “I’m driving, can’t respond” replies to any incoming texts you receive while driving. I really like this idea and I hope it eventually becomes a standard feature in all new vehicles. Did I ever mention how much Werner Herzog’s short film about texting and driving shook me up? Its worth viewing. I highly doubt you’ll ever think about texting while driving after watching.

Overdue Update

Hey folks, its been a while and I wanted to let y’all know that I am not dead. I’ve just been busy. How busy you ask? Well, on Friday October 11th my twin boys Joel and Ethan were born. Anyone whose ever had kids knows how challenging it can be just to shower and eat during those first few weeks. Nurturing a blog hasn’t really registered on the priority list, but I enjoy doing this so I hope to add more content soon. If not, just know that I’m taking it a day at a time and when things level out I’ll be back.

Here’s a cute picture to hold you over.

Joel and Ethan

When Christians Contemplate Suicide

I asked the people I have talked to for Saved from Suicide what they would have liked for someone to have said to them when they were suicidal. Over and over again they said that they would have liked for someone to listen to them without saying anything, to be with them, to show that they were cared about. – Cliff Williams

Highly recommended article over at Christian Feminism Today, When Christians Contemplate Suicide by philosophy professor Cliff Williams. He is working on a book of stories from suicide attempt survivors. The heartbreaking but insightful interviews are not only relevant to those in ministry, but to anyone in a service profession that interacts with the public.